Things To Look Into When Considering A Driveway Expansion

18 July 2017
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When your teens start to drive and get their own cars, you may experience a shortage of parking spaces, especially when you have guests over. The solution could be to expand your current driveway or add a circular drive to provide more parking and make it easier to maneuver cars. Here are a few things to consider about installing a driveway expansion:

Check Local Codes

There may be codes that regulate the placement of your new driveway, especially if you install a circular drive. Even if city codes don't come into play, there may be HOA rules or deed restrictions that affect your driveway. For instance, if your driveway is currently made of asphalt, you may be required to use asphalt for the expansion rather than add a border of pavers or rocks.

Consider Drainage Problems

Your driveway is sloped to allow for proper drainage. If you add new asphalt on one side or on each side, it will affect how water drains off your property. If you have problems with water ponding or flowing toward your foundation now when you get a heavy rain, the problem could be compounded with a driveway expansion. Your paving contractor can solve this easily, but he or she should be made aware of it before the new addition is planned.

Think About Color Difference

The new asphalt will have a darker color than your current driveway. This could affect the appearance of your property in a negative way. Even if your driveway is still fairly new, it will be faded somewhat due to UV exposure and the difference will be noticeable when it is against the new asphalt. There are some options to consider.

You could have a new layer of asphalt put on over your old driveway to make the color uniform throughout or you would have your driveway sealed. You can't seal a new driveway when it is applied since it needs to cure. When it's ready, you could have a sealcoat applied over your entire driveway that makes the color uniform. However, you'll need to go for a period of several weeks or months with the color difference while you wait.

When you're considering a driveway expansion, talk to a paving contractor like Deluxe Blacktop Paving about these and any other concerns you have. The contractor will offer advice for the best placement of the expansion taking drainage, tree roots, and city codes into account. Even a small expansion of just a few feet has to be installed just like a regular driveway with a compacted base or it could cause your current driveway to deteriorate faster. It may seem like a complicated process for the simple act of making your driveway wider, but it is worth it to have the extra parking spaces when your family owns several cars.